Prescott Campus

Clear the Air to Clean the Air

To successfully refresh the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University campus to one that is tobacco free, we need to engage in a team effort—between students, faculty, employees and visitors on the ERAU campus. We realize this may be difficult and confusing at the start, so we have provided a list of frequently asked questions to help you help us kick off this initiative. For more information, please contact

Why should ERAU implement a tobacco-free policy?

ERAU wants what’s best for students and employees–all the way from providing advanced research opportunities and industry-leading education down to overall health and wellness. We believe that by providing a tobacco-free environment we will prepare our students for their future careers beyond ERAU. Future employers will be looking at our graduates and expect them to be industry leading not only in their education but also in their overall health.

Also, many other universities around the U.S. have already begun launching tobacco-free initiatives, and we want to provide the same healthy atmosphere for our students.

How will ERAU enforce the tobacco-free policy?

We will remind any University students or employees who violate the tobacco-free policy that tobacco is not permitted on campus. Anyone who continues to violate the policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary actions.

Anyone conducting business within the University property, leased or owned, and chooses to violate this policy will also first be reminded that tobacco use is prohibited. If he/she continues to violate the policy, he/she will be asked to leave the premises.

Is e-cigarette use allowed?

No, the use of e-cigarettes is not allowed on the ERAU campus because the FDA does not consider them to be a safe nicotine delivery system or smoking cessation strategy.

Will there be designated smoking zones on campus in the future?

No, ERAU does not plan on creating any designated smoking zones.

What can I do if I witness someone using tobacco at ERAU?

Anyone who witnesses tobacco use on ERAU campus is encouraged to respectfully remind the user of the University’s tobacco-free policy. You can also e-mail the offense to

What are the boundaries that are considered ERAU property?

The entire ERAU campus–including buildings, sidewalks, parking lots and vehicles–is tobacco free. Visit the map for a more detailed look at where the campus boundaries begin and end.

Does this mean I have to quit smoking?

No, ERAU does not require students or employees to quit smoking. However, we do encourage you to explore the option of choosing a healthier lifestyle to positively impact your health and success in present and future endeavors–both academically and professionally. ERAU is providing assistance to students and employees who would like to quit. If you choose to continue smoking, you are free to do so on your own time but you may not in any areas owned, leased, operated, occupied or controlled by ERAU.